Capability development for strategy departments should never be “one size fits all”. Yet the vast majority of strategy L&D programmes offer little more than business school fundamentals and standardised curricula - neither of which reflect the internal realities of the organisation they are being applied to.

Working with Adam Cox is different. He has enabled strategy teams from hundreds of organisations, ranging from high-growth start-ups to Fortune multinationals across the globe. His work has boosted the capabilities in thousands of strategists and has improved the impact and effectiveness of their corporate strategy functions.

Adam offers a bespoke, fit-for-purpose development programme that transforms good strategists into great strategists. He focuses on the practical application of these skills, knowing that this is critical for translating knowledge into action.

Before he begins working with your team, Adam takes a deep dive into your department’s operational reality. By understanding what challenges your strategy team are facing and what stakeholders expect of them, he will customise the programme to ensure sessions are entirely relevant and immediately useful.

Each session will be fully tailored to a specific need within your strategy department, with the overall goal of turning each of your team members into a credible, trusted strategist within the exact context of your organisation. As well as honing their long-term skills, Adam also enables the ‘quick wins’ that can be applied to workflow straight away.

“Adam is a strategist and mentor of the highest calibre. His knowledge, experience and practical application of strategy fundamentals equips us to make better decisions.”
- Thabiso Rulashe – Corporate Strategist. Financial Services, South Africa


Create Smarter Strategists

The reality of any business is complex, and business complexity requires sophisticated strategists who can think holistically and act contextually. The programme will upskill your team members, enabling them to think more strategically and successfully apply their new capabilities to on-the-job challenges. You will see improvements in the capability and maturity of your team, session by session.

Improve Work Quality

Through various progressive approaches for creating core strategic deliverables — strategic planning, scenario planning, competitive intelligence — your team members will become more effective at their jobs. They will produce higher quality outputs which are easier for stakeholders to consume, support and execute.

Increase Stakeholder Influence

Enhancing the intellectual, emotional and political influence of your team will improve their reputation as trusted advisors to senior leaders and decision-making units. With the correct application of influence, your team members will be perceived as value-adding business partners who improve processes, mitigate risks, and fast-track the achievement of strategic objectives.

Foster Exceptional Talent

Exposure to real-world applications of strategic practices builds the competencies needed to develop tomorrow’s business leaders. Position your department as the home of both exceptional strategy talent and high potential successors. An enhanced reputation for developing exceptional talent often goes hand-in-hand with securing increases in departmental resourcing.

Mitigate Functional Risk

Inviting an experienced career strategist to cast an objective set of eyes over how your team members do what they do will uncover any logic flaws, process missteps or judgement errors in their work practices. Working with Adam will help you understand what they are doing wrong (and why), and will give you a menu of options for shifting their mindsets and behaviours.

“In terms of corporate strategy, we didn’t know what we didn’t know until we partnered with Adam. He embedded the techniques and processes to mature our thoughts and actions from passive and reactionary to deliberate and purposeful. We would not have achieved the global expansion we have today if it wasn’t for Adam showing us how.”
- Paul Ziegler – CEO. Information Technology, Japan


Assessment and diagnosis

Adam will conduct a strategy skills diagnostic with both you and your team. This will evaluate the current effectiveness of the team’s capabilities and how their work is perceived by those the department serves. He will also spend time with the team to gain an understanding of their workflows, key deliverables, and expertise in the strategy function to shape a capability development plan that is tailored to your department’s precise needs.

Interactive capability sessions

Capability sessions are delivered over the course of the year based on an agreed cadence. Each session is entirely bespoke and planned in advance with the Head of Strategy, and other key stakeholders who have specific requirements of the strategy department. Additional sessions can be delivered upon request.

Authoritative guidance

Adam acts as a resource centre and knowledge base for your team. Drawing on over 30 years of lived strategy experience, he will provide your team with ways of working smarter across all aspects of the strategy discipline. If the team has a specific challenge, Adam will have the answer.

One-on-one coaching

Offering honest, actionable advice, Adam will work one-on-one with individual members of your team to resolve their particular challenges, tasks or concerns. He provides a confidential outlet for strategists to speak frankly about their work, team dynamics, or political pressures.

Practical tools and frameworks

Adam provides teams with the tools, templates, and frameworks needed to perform their work more efficiently. They will receive context-dependent advice on how to customise and apply these resources to their specific circumstances.

Partnering with Adam moves strategy teams forward.

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Your investment - Team Enablement: US$42,400 p/a


From high-growth start-ups to Fortune 10 multinationals, Adam Cox enables Heads of Strategy, executives, and their teams. With 30+ years of experience working both in and on businesses, Adam’s advisory work has seen him partner one-on-one with over 650 CXO executives and enable more than 6,000 strategists to help shape careers, departments, and companies in over 80 countries across most sectors of the global economy.

You can read Adam’s full bio here.