Portrait of Adam Cox


Operating at the intersection of corporate strategy and occupational psychology, Adam Cox brings extensive knowledge of economic affairs, a world-class business acumen, and decades of lived experience advising the world’s most senior and influential corporate leaders.

From high-growth start-ups to Fortune 10 multinationals, Adam enables Heads of Strategy, executives, and their teams. With 30+ years of experience working both in and on businesses, His advisory work has seen him partner one-on-one with over 650 CXO executives and enable more than 6,000 strategists to help shape careers, departments, and companies in over 80 countries across most sectors of the global economy.

His facilitation work covers all aspects of Corporate Strategy through delivering private practice advisory, executive leadership team sessions, strategy away-days, and capability development workshops that shape smarter behaviours, decisions, and actions.

"Adam does a great job in enabling the day-to-day effectiveness of corporate strategy. By strengthening the capabilities needed to drive meaningful strategic discourse, he helps you evaluate, synthesise, and communicate the facts, beliefs, and uncertainties needed for robust decision making."
- Henk Vlessert – Corporate Strategist. Insurance, The Netherlands

Adam has spoken at numerous conferences and podcasts on the topics of leadership and strategy, and has been quoted in the Financial Times (UK), Economic Times (India) and ABC (Australia).

As a Visiting Fellow of Cranfield University School of Management in the United Kingdom, Adam holds formal relationships with multiple world-class academic institutions specialising in the advancement of business and occupational psychology, and thoroughly enjoys ice cream.

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