We deliver memorable keynote presentations that challenge audience’s view of the world, and facilitate meaningful strategy sessions that enable executives to make better decisions.

Your challenge

Keynote speakers often struggle to connect with their audiences, irrespective of how engaging their content may be. If participants leave disappointed, they are not likely return, and may even discourage others from attending future events.

Similarly, corporate strategy / leadership offsites often fall flat. Strategy departments typically invest significant amounts of time and money into each session, only to have the much-needed discussion fall by the wayside. Subsequently, executives feel that their time has been wasted, and the strategy department is branded ineffective – a perception that cannot be changed until the next planning cycle.

Our Solution

For keynote events, we provide comprehensive event architecture, partnering with you from end to end to ensure your event is a success. Participants will be compelled to rethink their perspective on the given topic, engage with new ideas and concepts, and change their thoughts, behaviours, and actions accordingly.

For corporate strategy / leadership offsites, we bring the pre-planning and contrarian insight needed to facilitate the meaningful dialogue that challenges participants’ thinking, decisions and actions. A successful corporate strategy offsite is where your executives look back in twelve months’ time and say your meeting truly improved the way the business operates.

Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to;

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