We equip executives and strategy leaders with the insights and actionable solutions needed to build better growth strategies and develop world-class corporate strategy departments.

Your challenge

Senior leaders are now calling for strategies that drive new growth, transform operations, increase efficiencies, and mitigate risks. Yet budgets for corporate strategy departments remain stagnant.

Instead of developing their internal strategy talent, organisations are spending millions of dollars each year on external management and strategy consultants. These providers usually end up “working around” the strategy department, producing plans devoid of operational context and cultural fit.

Consequently, a sunk-cost bias is often used by leaders as a defense mechanism; many insist that “brand” consultancies deliver better work than in-house strategists ever will.

Strategy departments have to break this cycle, but struggle to do so within their cost constraints...

Our solution

For executives and strategy leaders, we serve as trusted advisors for key initiatives and critical decision points. Renown for bringing contrarian insight and intellectual robustness to strategy creation, we have extensive experience with a range of companies, from rapid-growth SMEs to Fortune 10 multinationals.

For strategy team members and high potentials, our training sessions embed strategic thinking, build business acumen, and focus efforts on critical workflows, key deliverables, and the job to be done. Your team will also walk away with the tools, frameworks, and processes needed to increase both functional efficiency and personal effectiveness.

Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to;

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